Going by our motto “…institutions that make a difference” we will strive to bring out the stories of such organization with reference to the following components of corporate and social responsibility:

a) Business and society – will review community investments by corporate institutions through giving towards health, sports, arts, education, water and food provision, poverty eradication among others. Business activities have social impacts and as such we will endear to look at how the negative ones are mitigated.

b) Environmental and energy sustainability – Corporate institutions have taken a lead role in caring for the global climate by undertaking more sustainable business operations. It will be our noble undertaking to report on the new planet friendly practices that businesses are pursuing both at a global and regional level.

c) Supply chain management – The magazine will examine institutions’ compliance with global and local regulatory board standards and rules. In addition it will look at dialogue among stakeholders in the supply chain and how their respective expectations are met.

d) Corporate governance – Every corporate institution is guided by its business’ code of ethics ,values and principles. will offer its readership education and information on best practices on corporate governance looking at an institution’s vision, mission, core values, ownership, directors’ responsibility to stakeholders and the standards and rules that guide employees, managers and directors. The publication will insist that businesses operate with integrity, fairness and honesty in order to expect the same from those with whom it does business with. The management of both financial and non-financial risks will also be assessed together with institutions’ compliance with the applicable laws and regulations of the respective countries of operation.

e) Human resource management – Human capital is central to the success and sustainability of every institution. We will endeavor to look at approaches corporate institutions take to develop value, empower and retain this important resource. Corporate institutions’ responsibility towards their employee’s human rights, health, safety and security will also be examined. In addition, relations between employers and various trade unions and professional organizations will be taken into consideration.